DCWEBHOST.NET is a small web hosting provider in Davao City, Philippines. The company started operating in January 2007.

Our goal is to provide cheap web-hosting solutions to individuals, small, medium and large enterprises here in Davao City as well as the entire Philippines. Services we offer to clients are as follows: Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Web Design / Development services. As a business policy, treat each client with utmost respect and we are committed to providing the best services possible.

Our Network

Our provider only offers world-class bandwidth, made possible through the use of private peering. Other providers use junk bandwidth from providers that use public peering points. Public peering points are known for bringing incredible slowdowns, packet loss and breaks in connectivity. None of these can be expected of private peering, which only delivers top quality bandwidth, the least number of hops and backbones to get to where you are, and plenty of available overhead. Using state of the art BGP4 routing protocol, each packet that leaves the NOC networks is evaluated and sent out via the best route possible. Should any of our providers experience any problems, our traffic will seamlessly be transferred to other providers in our network.

Client Online Protection

We help secure our clients transaction within our website using SSL.


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Web Hosting Stuff gives a 1-5 star rating to hosting companies based on reviews of uptime as well as an overall level of customer satisfaction.

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